SWJ Group Lockdown Quiz 1

SWJ Group Lockdown Quiz 1

Get your brains out - But also keep them in, you'll need it for this QUIZ OF DOOM!

You can pop your info in here and we'll add you to our Gig Guide, no pressure like, it's optional - Like sugar in coffee, or underwear.

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Who's mighty crotch is this?

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What instrument is Eddie Hazel most well know for playing?

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Sticking with this theme in the song P.Funk Wants To Get Funked Up the lyric "Is there funk after the death?" is followed by which line?

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How many guitars has SWJ Group guitarist Wesley J Caton purchased since January 2019?

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Jimi Hendrix famously had a massive Afro, can you tell us the largest object Jimi would have been able to hide in it?

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How many double cheez burgers can SWJ Keyboardist JJ eat in one sitting?

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In the SWJ Group tune Scribbles what are the shoes made of?

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Which one of these is the worst idea?

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The old saying goes 'A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush' but how many hands, bushes and birds did The Jackson 5 have?

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And Finally!
Who was the youngest Beatle?